Friday, December 1, 2023
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Time With The Boss - Rob Goren, Delta Dental of Missouri

Rob Goren
Delta Dental of Missouri

What have been the keys to success for the business?
Delivering elite service with a distinctive, positive customer experience for our 2.1 million covered members and 3,000+ Missouri-based clients is critical to our ongoing success. As the state’s dental benefits leader, we put our customers and distributors first. Nurturing those relationships helps us meet their evolving needs. We ensure access to affordable, quality dental care through the state’s and nation’s largest proprietary dentist networks. We also provide DeltaVision® benefit plans to groups for members to access vital vision care. As a non-profit organization, we invest in our communities year-round to improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of Missourians.

What is your best advice for other business owners to find success in business?
Lead from the heart. Do what’s right. Trust your instincts. Surround yourself with smart, innovative professionals and business partners. Stay inquisitive and informed. Listen. Get to know everyone you serve. Build productive relationships with them that stand the test of time. Treat them well. Earn their trust. Act on their insights. Deliver exceptional value for your customers. Be consistent. Set the standard. Stay agile. Stay humble. Never stop improving. Embrace change. Live and breathe your purpose and your values. Make life better for everyone you serve.

What’s the smartest thing your company did in the past year?
We built strength. The pandemic forced businesses to rethink how they lead their teams and deliver for customers, so we seized the opportunity to reimagine historical approaches, enhancing the ways we interact with customers and distributors. It worked. Our team was highly engaged in this strength-building model, which also fortified our culture and mission-based approach to the marketplace. Throughout the pandemic, our workforce delivered uninterrupted service remotely to our stakeholders. We also created programs to provide much-needed aid to those impacted, including for our employees, and for clients and participating network dentists to ensure continuity of care for our members.

How do you differentiate your business from others in your industry?
Bottom line—we deliver exceptional value for our customers. Our customized dental plans, in tandem with the state’s strongest networks, provide the best value for our clients and distributors. Our distributors can have complete confidence in us as a benefits provider. We back what we deliver with excellent service and support. Our non-profit status sets us apart from competitors. We advance our vital social mission to improve oral health in the communities we serve by funding oral health initiatives, community outreach events and charitable causes that teach people about dental health and give free care to those in need. 

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