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Turn Your Company Into An Innovation Machine, May 6

 IR – The Two Letters That Will Turn Your Company Into An Innovation Machine

Organizations don't innovate, people do. And you can't begin to change the world unless you know how to change their world. Organizations admired for being especially innovative don’t hire genetically superior people. Innovators are made, not born. And innovative leaders know how to create the environment in which innovation is a natural outcome. Join us May 6, 2015, as keynote speaker, Travis Sheridan, shows you how to become an innovative leader and bring out the best in your employees. The event is part of the Leaders in Technology Awards. After the keynote, meet some of the area's top technology leaders (see list below).

Reserve Your Seat Now To Learn How To Make Your Company An Innovation Machine, May 6, 2015, Sheraton Clayton Plaza Hotel, $35 per person. Click here to reserve your seat

About Travis: Travis Sheridan is a born hustler. His professional background includes everything from military service and bank management to stand-up comedy, economic development and start-up consulting. Academically, Travis studied organizational psychology and focused on designing productive and innovative communities. Travis is driven, no matter his job title or industry focus, to inspire hustling – also known as innovative thinking. He does this because innovation is the best path to healing. It is innovation that has led the way to healing. And there has never been a greater need for healing and innovative thinking than right now.

Travis moved to St. Louis from California when he saw a region ripe for innovation. He is currently the executive director of the Venture Café in St. Louis, a place where serendipitous collisions happen between brilliant minds and entrepreneurial energy. Prior to that, he was assistant vice president of innovation and entrepreneurship at the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership.

With his wife, Gina, an award-winning author and librarian, they open their Old North St. Louis home regularly to the best minds and hearts in the region. They believe in the power of brunch, sauntering, and Boozestorming.

Travis is not selling you a book. He is not asking you to buy anything. The only investment he wants you to make is in yourself – your ability to be hustler. The healing our communities and businesses need is within you.


2015 Leaders In Technology

Gone are the days of technology yore, when "high tech" was considered having a whole room filled with servers just for an email system or carrying a mobile phone that couldn't fit in your pocket.


Today, with the rise of the smartphone, big data, cloud computing and complex internet analytics and commerce systems, technology has become the backbone of any modern business. Business simply cannot survive without it--and its evolution continues to move at the speed of light.

In the June issue of SBM, we will honor 21 Leaders In Technology, individuals who are either technology innovators working to develop new technology or technology implementers who are using existing technology to enhance service offerings for clients.

The Honorees will not only be honored in the June issue but also at the special reception on May 6.

List of Honorees

Ryan Bell, Gremln
Jim Brasunus, ITEN
Abby Cohen, Sparo Labs
Sam Glines, Norse
Talia Bahr Goldfarb, Myself Belts
Mike Goodsell, Network Specialists
Jeffry Harrison, RoverTown
Mary Louise Helbig, HealthyMe Mobile Solutions
Brad Hettenhausen, GadellNet
Lucie Huger, Greensfelder, Hemker & Gale, PC
Aaron Jackson, Keystone IT
Julia Koelsch, Spry Digital
Arnoldo Muller-Molina, simMachines
Michael Palmer, Code Red Education
Matt Raithel, Graphite Lab
Robin Rath, Pixel Press
Jeff Rothermich, Kirk Ferrell, Flat World Supply Chain
Mark Sawyier, Bonfyre
Richard Schneider, Antennas Direct
Robert Ward, Juristat

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