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Creating A Place For Learning. Helping Communities Grow

by Jim Mosquera

The agora was the central marketplace in ancient Athenian civilization that integrated politics, religion, oratory, philosophy, art and education — flourishing activities crucial to the Greek way of life. Perhaps as important was the agora’s place in hatching and supporting democracy. It was also a place where ideas were freely shared and discussed. Where do we freely share ideas today? Where is the modern agora?

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “The mind, once stretched by an idea never returns to its original dimensions.” If we are to create the modern agora, we need to stretch minds. We need to contribute to the human warehouse of knowledge, not just information, which we have in abundance. Building this warehouse is an important step towards encouraging respectful public discourse. An educated populace is objective and fair, traits desperately needed in our world today.

We created Alliance University (AU) to fulfill our vision of the modern agora. Our platform consists of three parts: Seminars, Executive Briefings and Roundtables. Seminars are targeted opportunities for organizational and personal development with opportunities for more immersion.

Our complimentary Executive Briefings cover a broad range of subjects and typically last fewer than ten minutes.

Roundtables come in four varieties: Panel, Peer, Council and Case Study. Panels are traditional interactions involving a moderator, panelists and audience. Peer roundtables are led by moderators who facilitate discussions with an audience where we discuss controversial subject matter. Councils are homogeneous cohorts of professionals from the same walk of life (HR, IT, Financial Pros, Women, Non-Profit). A privacy cloak called the Chatham House Rule encourages free discussion in Peer and Council formats. Finally, Case Studies profile clientele and how Alliance supported them in their project journeys.

Alliance University serves as a marketplace of ideas — not just our ideas, but yours. Become part of the modern agora and help our communities grow.
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Jim Mosquera is VP of Corporate Development at Alliance. Previously he operated a consultancy offering financing and debt mediation. He also served as an executive in the fields of telecommunications and technology. He’s the author of the Escaping Oz non-fiction series and the Chandler Scott thriller series.

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