Thursday, December 2, 2021
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Reset Your Culture And Go! It's 2021!

by Jonathan Jones

Congratulations! You have made it to 2021. The global pandemic is still with us, but we can see a light at the end of the tunnel with a vaccine. Plenty of uncertainty still exists in the business world. The best leaders show authentic leadership in uncertain times -- when employees and clients are looking for guidance in which to believe.  

Where do you begin? If you haven’t yet reviewed your strategic plan and hosted your annual planning meeting, then you need to start now. Let’s begin with your constants. What are your vision, mission, and values? If they were clear in the past, then they shouldn’t have changed during the pandemic and economic crisis. Take the time to review them now and rate your culture’s adherence to them. Have you taken steps toward accomplishing your mission to help you reach your vision? Have you stayed within the guidelines of your values? What adjustments do you need to make to reset?

Now that you are clear on your “Why,” let’s look at your “How.”  In a work-from- home environment, we have learned to work differently with different tools. In 2021, will you continue to use these tools, go back to the old tools and ways of doing business, or establish a hybrid? Be clear on your process expectations. If you have a clear “how,” then your team and your clients can get back into a groove.

And finally, be clear on your “What,” or your goals and objectives. Set new goals for 2021, or at least quarterly goals, while you assess the changes that are affecting your environment.  Be clear: overly communicate your vision, mission, values, goals and processes.  It’s time to reset your culture and go! 

Jonathan Jones ( or 314-608-0783) is a CEO peer group chair/coach for Vistage International.

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