Friday, September 17, 2021
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Promote Your Online Events

by Kathy Bernard

The LinkedIn Events feature give you a free and easy way to announce your upcoming events. And the best part? You can use the feature to promote online events to maintain relationships with your customers and invite new prospects during this time of rampant Coronavirus in-person event cancellations.

You can organize an event either as an individual or as an administrator of your LinkedIn company page. If your business does not already have a free LinkedIn company page, add one here:

To create an event, click the plus sign next to Events on the left sidebar of your LinkedIn home page. In the Organizer box, choose whether you want to offer the event as an individual or as an administrator of your organization’s LinkedIn company page. If you don’t see the option to host the event as your company, you’re either not a company page admin, or your organization does not have a company page. If you aren’t a page admin, ask your company’s page manager to add you as one.

Complete the Events form that pops up by adding a banner image, logo, event description and logistics. Add the link to your event’s hosting and ticketing web address, which can be generated by video conference providers like Choose whether to make your event private or public on LinkedIn to control who can attend.

Safely stay connected with your customers and even gain new prospects by making the most of the LinkedIn Events feature.

Kathy Bernard (, CEO of, is a St. Louis-based LinkedIn expert/trainer who equips businesses to maximize LinkedIn for sales, marketing, or fundraising.
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