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The NEW TRUTH About Closing The Sale

by Jeffrey Gitomer

Every salesperson is

Submitted 7 years 340 days ago

You Cannot Ignore The Present. It's Where Your Sales Are

By Jeffrey Gitomer

My sales perspective

Submitted 8 years 10 days ago

The Customer Is Stalling. What Do I Say Now?


When a client says he or
Submitted 8 years 35 days ago

I Know You Love Your Business. Do You Love Your Customers?

What do you mean you don’t know? YOU CREATED

Submitted 8 years 68 days ago

Good To Great. Are You 'Good' or Maybe Slightly Below?

by Jeffrey Gitomer

The key is that these

Submitted 8 years 102 days ago

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall. Are You The Best Salesperson Of Them All?

by Jeffrey Gitomer

If you hold

Submitted 8 years 131 days ago

Windshield Time. Before And After Opportunities

by Jeffrey Gitomer



Submitted 8 years 158 days ago

Still making goals and resolutions? Why?

by Jeffrey Gitomer


Submitted 8 years 187 days ago

Why Did You Lose the Sale? Really?

 by Jeffrey

Submitted 8 years 209 days ago

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