Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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The Perfect Recruit Is Sometimes Right Under Your Nose

by Jonathan Jones

The ideal corporate culture revolves around recruiting and developing people who are inspired to work for the common mission. While that sounds easy, it is actually very difficult in practice.

While the old adage, “hire slow, fire fast” is useful, it’s a remedy for poor recruiting or hiring.  Sifting through and selecting the slickest résumé usually isn’t the answer; it is finding out an applicant’s drive and willingness to go that extra mile. Recruiting involves always looking for the next star—the grocery cashier or your favorite restaurant waiter who consistently goes above and beyond expectations because anything else would conflict with his DNA.

A résumé is just a piece of paper; it is the behavior and talent behind that résumé that matter. Not all people have the resources to pay a professional to write their résumés; others inflate their skills to epic proportions.

Observe potential recruits in their normal environment and observe whether they are bitter or energized and happy. I experienced such a star recently when my back was against the wall. My condo tenant left the place filthy and in shambles like a 70s rock star. Worse, the ideal tenant needed it ASAP.

A tenant upstairs, who witnessed the catastrophe, offered to help. She jumped in and took the lead in a project I despised. She continued to work through the night with ingenuity and strategic persistence. Because of Melissa, we landed the new tenant. She happened to have just been part of a downsizing. I am referring her, with confidence, to the business owners I know.

Talent like this is out there. Sometimes confidence is bruised and they just need someone to see their potential. When someone gives them a first or second chance, they show their appreciation with hard work and commitment.

Jonathan Jones (Jonathan.jones@vistagechair.com or 314-608-0783) is a CEO peer group chair/coach for Vistage International.

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