Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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LinkedIn Posting Best Practices

by Kathy Bernard

Sharing company news and other posts on your LinkedIn home page news feed can keep you in front of your customers and prospects. Here are best practices to increase your reach:

• Feature short 45-to-60 second videos that you either natively upload to LinkedIn or post to Vimeo in the square format. Feature an engaging first-frame thumbnail and subtitles.

• Use three-to-five topical or location hashtags in your posts, like #roofingcontractor or #stlouis to attract readers interested in such topics.

• Tag people who are likely to comment on your post.

• Add slide decks, posts featuring a document (such as a customer’s thank you note), or multiple pictures – all pull really well.

• Try a poll – they have a 450% better reach than typical posts.

• Since people rarely click external links, write a longer post that includes the information that you were going to link to. Posts that are 1,200-2,000 characters in length work best.

• The best times to post are Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 8 – 10 am. Why Saturdays? About 60% of members check LinkedIn then, but only about 20% publish content then.

• Write thoughtful comments about other people’s posts and in response to your customers’ company news. A comment is four times more powerful than a like.
Learn many more tips by reading the LinkedIn Algorithm Report 2021 to start improving your LinkedIn posts today!

Best practices courtesy of the LinkedIn Algorithm Report 2021, copyright, Richard van der Blom and Just Connecting. ©Just Connecting, 2021. All rights reserved.

Kathy Bernard (, CEO of, is a St. Louis-based LinkedIn expert/trainer who equips businesses to maximize LinkedIn for sales, marketing, or fundraising.

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