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Time With The Boss - Carla Stone, TechGuard Security

Carla Stone
TechGuard Security

Industry: Technology

What have been the keys to success for the business?
For TechGuard, determination, persistence, passion, focus, flexibility, and, of course, collaboration as a team have been driving factors in our success. You will not succeed if you take your journey alone, and it will go much farther and faster when you have the right people by your side.  

Our business would not be successful without our key players from every department doing what they do daily. Our government, commercial, technical, sales, IT, marketing, operations, corporate, and HR teams all keep the business moving forward. Even now in uncertain times with COVID-19, we have come together (whether remote or in-office) and have made major strides amid the changing environment and cyber threat landscape. I am proud of our entire team for their commitment to TechGuard and their willingness to persevere through uncertain times.  

What is your best advice for other business owners to find success in business? 
My best advice is to take care of your employees, and they will take care of your customers. The best way to measure your company’s growth is to measure the growth of each individual employee. Their combined growth is what makes the company successful. Your job as the leader of your organization is to go above and beyond to find out what your employees are looking for and then deliver on it. People want to learn and want to be heard. You hired them for a reason, and they want to work for an organization that promotes their growth and values their opinions. Give them an environment in which they can excel.

How do you differentiate your business from others in your industry? 
Our focus on our employees translates into care and support of our customers. Engaged employees help you to establish an even better relationship with your customers. First and foremost, we take a holistic, proactive approach and provide in-depth customization for each customer. We also provide excellent 24/7 support services with care and concern for each of our clients. We build those relationships and put ourselves in their shoes to protect them and their data at all costs. If we let them down, then we let ourselves down. The entire TechGuard team takes time to understand each client’s individual issues, and we never treat them as ‘just another customer.’ We understand each customer is different, and we always try to offer a customized approach for their specific needs. 

Not only are we customer-focused, but we’re also highly recognized for our thought leadership in Network Security, Defensive and Offensive Cyber, and for the excellence of our Mission-Focused TechGuardian Team, a respected group of security and engineering professionals. TechGuard is recognized as the “go-to” small business that consistently delivers quality to customers, including the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), US Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM), US Marine Corps Cybersecurity Command (MARFORCYBER), United States Fleet CyberCommand (FLEETCYBER), United States Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), US Intelligence agencies, and a host of other government and commercial entities. 

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