Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Heal Your Mind to Heal Your Body

by Dr. Deb Carlin

Where do your thoughts take you? Do they elevate you into a place of exquisite being or thinking yourself sick?

Herbert Benson, MD, is a pioneer in Mind Body Medicine. His Institute mission is to teach patients to counteract stress in order to build resiliency by eliciting the Relaxation Response. For decades he has demonstrated the value of this practice by taking his clinical work into the laboratory. I reached out to him in the 1980s asking him to mentor me in learning his practices as I was studying high blood pressure and looking for solutions other than pharmaceutical.

Gracious man that he is, he granted my request. I’d already run psychophysiology labs, conducting research on the influence of the mind over the body. It is fascinating to hook people up to equipment to gauge the heart, brain waves, and sweat responses while creating a stressful situation – and then witness how easily every physical reaction shifts with a relaxation exercise. People learn how fascinating life truly becomes once they have control over their physiology and thinking. Most impressive is how quickly the relaxation skills are learned and results generalize, not just to your entire body functions but to the way your mind operates.

When we come to recognize that our mind is completely in our control, everything changes. There is no reason to have a mood that is unacceptable to us or an attitude that is unproductive. When we achieve a state of relaxation, it produces a chemical reaction in our body that provides clarity, facilitates conscious choices, and improves decision making.

Imagine the impact upon your body when all the behaviors you participate in are your actual choices because you have control over your mind, your thoughts, and your outcomes.

You are not a victim to your desires, you control them through your thoughts. And although it sounds obvious, we often overlook the fact that where our thoughts go, our body follows. When we heal the mind, we heal the body. Try it, I guarantee positive results.

Google: Dr Deb Carlin Meditations to experience more.

Dr Deb Carlin is President of Partners in Excellence LLC. Awarded numerous accolades given her leadership, authoring, speaking, and teaching, she holds a MS in Statistical Analysis & Research Methodology alongside a PhD in psychology, both from Saint Louis University (SLU) with much of her training at both Washington University and the SLU Medical Center. “Build the Strength Within” was her 11th book, which has been a consistent sell out on Amazon, teaching people to Blueprint their life using her special program. For additional information about learning to control your mind and reach your desires, visit www.drdebcarlin.com.

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