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A Shrink in the Workplace

by Dr. Deb Carlin

There exists a perception that if you have a psychologist on the premises, you need to have a case of tissues on hand because people will be crying messes of mental anguish as the result of engaging in hours of ongoing therapy. Of course, under these conditions, no work is accomplished. What management would ever allow that?


Fact is that having truly professional help on hand is an exquisite way to increase productivity and revolutionize a business into high gear. Have you seen “Billions”? Showtime has run the series for four seasons now — what a hit. (A friend shared it with me and asked whether this was actually my line of work.) The psychiatrist housed inside a high-performance company is charged with serving as a performance coach. Who better equipped to understand the details of how to interpret, inspire and motivate teams of people than a human science expert? Psychology and psychiatry are all about understanding how humans function.

When people joke that I am a “shrink,” I affirm the correctness of that visual — it is indeed my ambition to shrink the problems presented, finding solutions to what is in the way of well-being.

None of us has time to waste; we’re allocated a fixed amount of it and need to make good use of it. Life is about 20 percent mechanics and 80 percent psychology; this is known in the science of psychology and reinforced by our own direct experiences. With that being a reality, why is it that we so routinely leave the emotional side of planning out of strategy? It is when we face our emotionality and practice genuinely healthy mind control and lead our thoughts productively that we use our psychology for good, for positive outcomes and ultimate success.

Easy or difficult? Both. It begins with a moment … start right here.

Sit, be still, breathe in … 1, 2, 3 … breathe out. Your self-statement is simply: I can do this life with success. There is nothing to fear because I have faith, because I am a survivor of how many years I have been alive and functioning. I am indeed already a success.

You’ve read the words; now look in the mirror, read them aloud and see whom you are talking to. This is a powerful start to self-reflection practice, and it’ll be a great reward for you. Go ahead, gather your best bit of courage and levity, and do it — you’ve got a shrink right here in this awesome workplace space.

Deb Carlin is president of Partners In Excellence LLC. Awarded numerous accolades for her leadership, writing, speaking and teaching, she holds an MS in statistical analysis and research methodology and a PhD in psychology, both from Saint Louis University. “Build the Strength Within” was her 11th book. For more information, visit
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