Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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The Psychology of Business

by Dr. Deb Carlin

Define business for yourself in this very moment.

Is it something serious and deeply meaningful? Are the stakes high because of what you do and the outcomes you produce? Is it serious because of the money you need to make? Your perceptions about what constitutes business are important for you to understand because they formulate your perceptions and create your attitude daily.

What’s the impact of your mind on your business life? Are your thoughts running you, or are you running them? Most often, we forget that we are the screenwriter, actor, director and producer of our mentality. The psychology of business is merely a reflection of the psychology of how we operate our life overall.

If you’ve forgotten the art of fun and happiness, relaxation and daydreaming, your life has become a rugged journey and you will benefit from a routine that takes you into a daily return to a childlike existence where you allow healthy playtime. Seriously.

In some of the most impressive leadership centers, I’ve found toys inviting the serious to allow their playfulness. It’s healthy to resume a once-upon-a-time childlike imagination of fun and simple pleasures. Why resist?

Our work, no matter what we do, offers the opportunity to think with the best parts of our brain, but when we get consumed by it, we get drained and uneasy and then we lose ourselves into some form of stress, and that leads nowhere happy. It is at that point that we become at risk for unhealthy choices about how to find a release — an innocent drink, simple flirtation, shopping spree. Any one of these can be seemingly harmless but often evolve into habits that lead to trouble if they are escapes.

Intentional play is a solution. Allow it — like a coffee break daily.

Deb Carlin is president of Partners In Excellence LLC. Awarded numerous accolades for her leadership, writing, speaking and teaching, she holds an MS in statistical analysis and research methodology and a PhD in psychology, both from Saint Louis University. “Build the Strength Within” was her 11th book. For more information, visit
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