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Time With The Boss: Holly Cunningham, Hollyberry Catering/Nourish by Hollyberry

Holly Cunningham
Hollyberry Catering and Nourish by Hollyberry


Industry: Catering, Corporate Gifts, Meal Subscription Service

Education: High School-Westminster Christian Academy. College-University of Mississippi

Family: Amazing husband, Guy, who sails boats, flies planes and sells technology, and incredible 16-year-old twins, Isabel and Genevieve (Izzy and Evie).

What is your mission? Our mission is to bring JOY by providing outstanding service and incredibly tasty menus to help people celebrate life events and enjoy everyday meals together.

What was your first job? I sold cookies at Mrs. Field’s cookies when I was 15. About 10 years later I purchased their walk-in cooler and it is still in use in my facility in Warson Woods!

What was your worst job? Working as a hostess at a chain restaurant at Crestwood Mall– all of my good clothes smelled like food and the wait staff would get mad at you when you did not seat people in their section.

What led you to your industry? I have always loved baking; my mom and aunt are excellent bakers (all of their goodies sold out at the bake sales!) and I loved the idea of hospitality and creating memories through good food. I was selling telephone systems in my 20’s and I started bringing my own food to equipment demos – people loved it and I decided to start marketing our baked goods as corporate gifts and eventually branched out into full-service catering!

What was the smartest thing your company did in the past year? Created a no long-term commitment option for St. Louis’ only local meal subscription service, Nourish by Hollyberry. We were giving people menu options, but now we can give them even more flexibility! Each week, subscribers decide what they want delivered —and they can add on or take off sides, desserts, and other options!

Who is your industry role model? Joan Long, owner of Patty Long Catering. She is so incredibly warm and giving, and she emulates her personality through her team and business. I’m very thankful for her friendship and her influence.

How do you try to differentiate your business from others in your industry? We are unique in that we offer boutique and customized options for nearly every special event in life, as well as solutions for the everyday dinner dilemma. There are not many caterers who you can turn to for most of your food needs!

What’s the hottest trend in your industry, and are you going to jump on board? I feel the meal subscription trend is pretty hot and we are in the front seat with our Nourish by Hollyberry Meal Subscription service.

What’s the hardest part of your job? As a hostess, I want to make everyone happy and that includes my employees. I cannot always make that happen and that can be hard.

What’s the best part? The team dynamic we have here. It is unique and special—a true blessing.

What best advice would you share with new entrepreneurs? Work in the industry you want to start a business in – FOR YEARS. Soak up as much wisdom and learn as many lessons as you can before you go out and try to do something on your own! And be prepared financially to pay everyone else before you pay yourself in the beginning.

What’s your favorite place in St. Louis? Queeny Park – it is near my house and I love it. So many great places to get away and feel like you are in the country!

What has made you successful in your industry and in St. Louis? I think the ability to be tenacious and not give up. The food industry is so competitive, and I have found that if you can bounce back from disappointments and move on with new and fun ideas, people see that innovation and are attracted to it!
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