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Your Mind Wants Relief

by Dr. Deb Carlin

How can you thrive in business, or anywhere in your life, when things are in a tense mess?

You’ll struggle.

It’s all about your mind, which wants to be clear, relaxed, productive. The worst thing we do is clutter our mind with junk, especially negative thoughts.

Rx = mental flossing to be done daily.

It is the dental flossing for your brain, and it does a great job of getting the junk out of your thoughts so you are free to chew on clean, refreshed ideas — very swiftly. It doesn’t take more than a moment to:

1. snap your fingers,
2. flip your head a bit,
3. take control of the negative streams of thought with positive channels of clear appreciation.

I am awesome and accomplished. I am alive and courageous. I am genius at what I do.

You crave control? Then exert it over the one and only thing in this life you can ever control: your mind. You can’t ever afford the luxury of a negative thought. Not a single one. What you focus on becomes what you walk into unconsciously. Negative thoughts are simply imaginative stories you allow yourself to create that diminish your positive impact, optimism and possibilities for success.

You are a survivor; your presence here is proof of that. Think of the odds you’ve beaten over decades of challenges. You have made it through the storms, stronger as a result — each and every time!

Take a minute with that floss in your mind’s eye; stream through the folds of your brain to refresh and expose the many accomplishments you have had in this life of yours. Count them. Write them down. Don’t question your positive impact; rejoice in it.

Dr. Deb Carlin is president of Partners In Excellence LLC. Given many accolades for her leadership, writing, speaking and teaching, she holds a Master of Science in statistical analysis and research methodology and a doctorate in psychology, both from Saint Louis University. “Build the Strength Within” was her 11th book. For more information, visit

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