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Maximizing Salesforce Features and Capabilities. One Local Company Can Help

TeamCentric Technologies Helps Companies Gain The Most From CRM Software

TeamCentric Technologies understands the ins and outs of CRM (customer relationship management) and pipeline management systems. For years, the software developer created and maintained custom CRM and process management solutions for clients. The TeamCentric Technologies team learned firsthand what customers needed from these systems.

So when Tom Bowman, president of TeamCentric Technologies, began seeing clients struggling to tap into all the benefits of Salesforce and not using the CRM to its effectiveness, he knew exactly what the company needed to do: Start helping them.

TeamCentric Technologies, which began in 1982, helps small- and mid-sized businesses get started successfully with Salesforce, or the company will help current Salesforce users more effectively take the system to the next level. Salesforce is one of the world’s most popular CRM programs. The cloud-based application can be used for sales, service and marketing across a variety of business models.

“We’ve helped a lot of companies (with Salesforce),” said Bowman. “It is our biggest growth area. There are a lot of small- and medium-sized businesses using Salesforce, and they want it to work more effectively for them.
“I would say about half of the companies we see are not using Salesforce to it’s full capacity.”

And that may be costing businesses time, efficiency and money.
Helping companies with technology is nothing new to TeamCentric Technologies. The company has been providing IT consulting services for more than 20 years by improving processes whether through data integration or improved user access to critical data.

For new Salesforce users, TeamCentric will analyze your business needs. The company will then set up the software to meet your objectives. Including migrating data into Salesforce, setting up users and roles to maximize data security, customize the software for data relevant to your business and integrate it with your email and phones. “The final step is training,” he said. “We teach users how to use the software to be as productive as possible.”

For existing customers, TeamCentric will come in and customize the software to meet their needs, which may include integrating to accounting programs such as QuickBooks and integrating with your email and phones.

In a short period of time, TeamCentric has become an expert at helping companies best utilize Salesforce. The company would like to add in-house training in the future. “We really understand the needs of small and mid-sized businesses,” Bowman said. “We’re local and we provide personalized service and support. And our rates are geared toward small and mid-sized companies. Our goal is to partner with clients to ensure their success regardless of how long they have been using Salesforce.”

The company is also helping businesses better use Pardot for marketing automation and provides custom workflow applications.

If you are looking for a CRM or are currently using Salesforce and would like to use it more effectively, call TeamCentric at 314.785.0252 or

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