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Take The CultureCentric Leadership Quiz

by Jonathan Jones

Respond to the following statements with a quick gut feeling of Strongly Agree (5 points), Agree (3 points), Disagree (0 points) or Strongly Disagree (-5 points).
• The environment encourages employees to perform at their best every day.
• All employees talk positively outside the office about their career and the company.
• Meetings are productive and engaging.
• All employees believe they have a clear mission when they come to work.
• All employees are excited about their career and coming in to work.
• All employees work in an atmosphere of trust.
• We only have the “Right People” and they are in the “Right” roles.
• All employees see management as a cohesive unit and want to follow them.
• Reports, accountability and dashboards are in place to ensure corporate performance-to-plan.
• We are consistently profitable and growing.
• There is a simple repeatable formula for sustainable success at my company.

Total your score.
What does your score mean?
30 or above: You are either Zappos-like or in denial.
1 to 30: Excellent — a positive score indicates a positive culture. Now is the best opportunity to maximize the value of the culture!
-9 to 0: Don’t cry — this is typical. Many people like to be average.
-39 to -10: You know there are problems. Hopefully this quiz can help you determine the action you want to take.
- 40 or lower: Plan your exit strategy; get out while you can! Life could be better!
Note: This quiz was designed for awareness and has not been statistically validated. I hope it gives you areas to look at to strengthen your culture.

Jonathan Jones ( or 314-608-0783) is a CEO peer group chair/coach for Vistage International.

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