Thursday, March 30, 2023
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Your Culture And Your Physical Office Space

by Jonathan Jones

Did you ever work in a cube farm?

Typical businesses take a large, square office building and stamp out a boxy alignment. Doors along the wall open to the coveted offices, and those with power have corner offices. For the “workers,” rows of cubes are available in the middle with fabric walls to give them a sense of privacy. That isolation is enhanced since the offices with the windows absorb the natural light. Employees and managers hide in their cubes and offices.

Here are some ideas to consider: Allow the natural light into the building for as many people as possible. Move the offices and conference rooms to the center core of the office space. Reduce the height of cube walls or eliminate them completely. Consider the work needed to be completed by the employees. If interaction is important, then eliminate barriers. When a wall is needed, glass walls are ideal so the light creates a more open feeling.

Meeting space should be flexible across the building. Smaller meeting rooms can be used for smaller meetings or can give employees privacy when it is needed. Being able to move smaller tables to create larger tables allows meetings to be customized quickly. It accommodates a more flexible culture.

Create a welcoming break area. It is important that employees get a chance to talk socially. Lots of ideas are shared during breaks. When a break area looks like a coffee shop, employees tend to positively interact. In addition, these spaces make a place for company meetings other than conference rooms.

Is your physical office space designed for optimal work? How does it enhance the interaction needed for collaboration and teamwork? Is the office complex designed to achieve your organizational purpose? Does it attract talent to work with you?

Jonathan Jones ( or 314-608-0783) is a CEO peer group chair/coach for Vistage International.

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