Tuesday, April 22, 2014
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Upcoming SBM Events

Top Young Entrepreneurs/ Innovation Awards

 05/07/14 | 5:30PM - 7:30PM | Sheraton Clayton Plaza  | Presented by Northwestern Mutual 

Each year SBM profiles the area's rising stars, the Young Entrepreneurs in St. Louis.  We bring our newest young entrepreneurs, as well as our alumni group from the past years and honor them at this event.  Innovators of the year recognizes individual and companies that have created a product, service or program that has had a positive effect on the business or the community.  Event Sponsors:  Northwestern Mutual and Winning Technologies.  Cost:  $30.  Click here to reserve your seat or Call 314.569.0076.

Family Business Awards

06/25/14 | 7:30AM - 9AM | Hilton Frontenac Hotel | presented by Northwestern Mutual

Each year SBM profiles the area's top family-owned businesses.  We bring these top family-owned firms together and honor them at this breakfast event. Event Sponsors:  Northwestern Mutual, Winning Technologies, CMA and Lopata, Flegel & Company.  Cost:  $35, Tables of 10 are $350.  Call 314.569.0076.

Small Business Awards

08/20/14 | 11AM - 1PM | Hilton Frontenac Hotel  | Presented by Northwestern Mutual 

Celebrate the Top 20 companies in St. Louis.  Top companies throughout the area are nominated and judges choose the top 20 businesses.  We bring the winners together, as well as previous year alumni, for a lunch celebration.  Event Sponsors:  Northwestern Mutual, Winning Technologies, Evans & Dixon, Accupay APS Payroll and Lopata, Flegel & Company.  Cost:  $50, Tables of 10 are $500.  Call 314.569.0076.

St. Louis Business Expo

10/22/14 | 11AM - 5PM | St. Charles Convention Center

The Expo is the largest business-to-business conference in Missouri, where 2,000-3,000 professionals come to learn, network and grow their business. The day includes an opening workshop, a full day’s worth of seminars and workshops, an awards luncheon, more than 100 exhibitors and a networking happy hour.  For a booth at the event, contact Pat Coates at 314.569.0076, ext. 109 or email her at pat@sbmon.com.  For more information on the expo, seminars and booth pricing, click here.  Cost is FREE to attend.  Click here to register.  





Recent Articles

What's Law Got To Do With It?

"Has the jury reached its verdict?" "Yes, your Honor, we have."

James G. Nowogrocki

Although it is never possible to predict the outcome of a jury trial, its important function is well established in our history.  As noted by Thomas Jefferson, "I consider trial by jury as the only anchor yet imagined by man by which a government can be held to the principles of its constitution."


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Disengaged Employees--Liabilities Or Untapped Assets?

Culturecentric Leadership

Jonathan Jones

A team of five people working together can, if they’re well-organized, accomplish as much as eight or more people working individually. But what makes a team effective? 

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Life Beyond Your Business

Building Value In Your Business

Dave Driscoll

Every business owner has a very personal vision of their Life Beyond Business. Thia vision requires require planning and preparation ranging from the emotional to the practical.


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