Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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Upcoming SBM Events

Top Women Business Owner Awards

02/21/2018 | 11AM - 1PM | Hilton Frontenac Hotel |

Each year SBM highlights the area's top women-owned companies. We've profiled more than 200 over the past 17 years. We bring them together for one luncheon. Event sponsors: Anders; United Healthcare; HireLevel, powered by Extra Help; Ballyhoo Blue Workshop and Winning Technologies. Cost: $50, Tables of 10 are $500. Call 314.569.0076 or click here.

St. Louis Business Expo

4/10/18 | 11AM - 5PM | St. Charles Convention Center

The Expo is the largest business-to-business conference in Missouri, where 2,000-3,000 professionals come to learn, network and grow their business. The day includes an opening workshop, a full day’s worth of seminars and workshops, an awards luncheon, more than 100 exhibitors and a networking happy hour.  For a booth at the event, contact Pat Coates at 314.569.0076, ext. 109 or email her at pat@sbmon.com.  For more information on the Expo, click here.

Top 100 People to Know Awards

4/10/18 | 11AM - 1PM | St. Charles Convention Center  |

Succeeding in business is a lot about who you know. A group of judges select the Top 100 St. Louisans to Know To Succeed in Business. SBM brings these outstanding individuals to this one event to mingle and share their stories and ideas with other business owners. it is a "must attend" networking event of the year.  Keynote Speaker: Best Selling Author Gustavo Grodnitzky, "Culture Trumps Everything." Event Sponsor:  Winning Technologies, Liberty One Software and Vistage. Cost:  $50, Tables of 10 are $500.  Call 314.569.0076

Family Business Awards

6/20/18 | 7:30AM - 9AM | Hilton Frontenac Hotel |

Each year SBM profiles the area's top family-owned businesses. We bring these top family-owned firms together and honor them at this breakfast event. Event Sponsors: Winning Technologies, InNovare Law and CMA. Cost: $35, Tables of 10 are $350. Call 314.569.0076

Recent Articles

Culture Building

Creating An Environment For Top Talent

by Jonathan Jones
A company’s long-term success depends in large part on its ability to attract, develop and retain top talent. High performers tend to thrive in the presence of colleagues who inspire them to excel rather than merely defer to perceived superiority.
But as in any ecosystem, growth means change. Top performers, having raised a company’s in-house talent to new levels, can sometimes slip into mediocrity for lack of the challenges they crave. The surest way to ensure cultural decline in your company is to accept mediocrity as inevitable. So how can you keep your top talent challenged and contributing their best to your organization?
1) Set high standards for performance. Top talent appreciates being challenged.

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Selling Your Business...

Inventory...Don't Be Shocked When Selling Your Business

by Dave Driscoll
Small-business owners seem to have an aversion to inventory: They don’t like to count it or deal with it and frequently don’t realize how much value they have invested in it.
As business brokers, we encounter this phenomenon too often. Owners routinely minimize the importance of inventory value when listing businesses for sale. Consistently, they claim they really don’t have that much inventory, have never physically counted it and fear that suddenly taking inventory would prompt difficult questions from their employees.
If you buy products for resale or materials that are used anywhere in the process to create your product, then you have inventory. You are investing company dollars to create value that, in turn, you sell to your customers.
Small-business entrepreneurs are so focused on producing and selling that I suspect keeping track of, counting and valuing inventory is seen as a small detail that just isn’t worth their time.
However, when considering selling the business, the owner’s main focus is “How much can I get for my business?” We generate a business valuation that defines the cash flow created by the business that is at the discretion of the owner — that is, what the business makes that the owner can spend!
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