Sunday, October 04, 2015
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Upcoming SBM Events

Fall St. Louis Business Expo

10/20/15 | 11AM - 5PM | St. Charles Convention Center

The Expo is the largest business-to-business conference in Missouri, where 2,000-3,000 professionals come to learn, network and grow their business. The day includes an opening workshop, a full day’s worth of seminars and workshops, an awards luncheon, more than 100 exhibitors and a networking happy hour.  For a booth at the event, contact Pat Coates at 314.569.0076, ext. 109 or email her at  For more information on the Expo, click here.

Best In Business Awards

10/20/2015 | 11AM - 1PM | St. Charles Convention Center  | Presented by Northwestern Mutual 

Through our reader surveys, 54 area businesses are chosen in 14 categories as the Best Businesses in St. Louis.  These businesses are honored at the luncheon.  Presented by Northwestern Mutual. Event Sponsors:  United Healthcare, Winning Technologies.  Cost:  $50, Tables of 10 are $500.  Call 314.569.0076

Top Women Business Owners Luncheon

02/2016 | 11AM - 1PM | Hilton Frontenac Hotel 

Each year SBM highlights the area's top women-owned companies.  We've profiled more than 300 in the past 20 years.  We bring them all together for one luncheon.  The event is presented by Northwestern Mutual.  Cost:  $50, Tables of 10 are $500. If you would like to nominate a deserving Top Women Business Owner, click here. Call 314.569.0076 for your seat. 


Recent Articles

The Company Logo

6 Reasons To Have A Company Logo

Ryan McMullen

One of my favorite projects I get to be a small part of is clients’ logo design. It is so fascinating to see an initial idea get grabbed out of the air, be jotted down on a pad, change, morph and somehow magically end up as a symbol that helps define your entire company. Crazy.  

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Customer Service Is No Accident 

Create A Clear Definition Of Outstanding Customer Service In Your Company And Then Train Your People To Deliver

Bill Collier

Here’s a personal experience that left me wondering whether to stop doing business with a longtime vendor …
For years I’ve been doing most of my automotive maintenance business with a locally owned auto center. The customer service is usually pretty good, and I’ve generally been satisfied with the products and repair quality

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The Business Judgment Rule

A Self-Defense Tactic for Corporate Officers and Directors

Richard D. Worth

As the driving force behind a company's success or failure, corporate officers and directors are bestowed with broad powers under Missouri law. Nonetheless, these individuals owe certain duties and responsibilities to the corporation and its shareholders. For instance, officers and directors owe a fiduciary duty of loyalty, which is governed by the same rules that apply to trustees and agents. Officers and directors breach this duty when they profit by virtue of their position at the expense of the corporation or the rights of the stockholders. An officer or director will not be permitted to retain any secret profits made by him or her in breach, or in disregard, of the fiduciary relation. In addition, Missouri courts have held that the fiduciary duty of loyalty generally imposes an obligation on officers and directors to avoid conflict-of-interest transactions.

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