Tuesday, April 25, 2017
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Upcoming SBM Events

St. Louis Business Expo

4/19/17 | 11AM - 5PM | St. Charles Convention Center

The Expo is the largest business-to-business conference in Missouri, where 2,000-3,000 professionals come to learn, network and grow their business. The day includes an opening workshop, a full day’s worth of seminars and workshops, an awards luncheon, more than 100 exhibitors and a networking happy hour.  For a booth at the event, contact Pat Coates at 314.569.0076, ext. 109 or email her at pat@sbmon.com.  For more information on the Expo, click here.

Top 100 People To Know Awards

4/19/17 | 11AM - 1PM | St. Charles Convention Center  |

The Top 100 People To Know luncheon will honor the area's Top 100 People To Know in St. Louis to Succeed In Business. From accountants to venture capitalists, this event will honor the individuals helping local businesses succeed. The Top 100 will be honored at the luncheon.  Event Sponsors:  Winning Technologies and Spectrum Business. Cost:  $50, Tables of 10 are $500.  Call 314.569.0076

Family Business Awards

6/21/17 | 7:30AM - 9:00AM | Hilton Frontenac Hotel |

Each year SBM profiles the area's top family-owned businesses. We bring these top family-owned firms together and honor them at this breakfast event. Event Sponsors:  Winning Technologies, InNovare Law, The Business Bank of St. Louis and CNA. Cost:  $35, Tables of 10 are $350.  Call 314.569.0076  






Recent Articles

Open Rates

Open Rates Don't Tell The Whole Story

by Tom Ruwitch

It’s time for some email marketing myth-busting. Before I reveal the myth we need to bust, I’d like to give you a pop quiz. (Don’t worry... I’ll grade on a curve.)
Here are results from three email newsletters for the same company and roughly the same list. Which mailing was most successful?
• January: 6,615 delivered, 1,919 opened (29.5 percent open rate)
• February: 6,557 delivered, 1,510 opened (23 percent open rate)
• March: 6,695 delivered, 1,413 opened (21.1 percent open rate)
Easy, right? The January mailing blew the others away. A mailing with a 29.5 percent open rate is obviously better than one with a 21.1 percent open rate ... isn’t it?

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Run Your Business To Sell

Run Your Business As If You Were Going To Sell It Tomorrow

by Dave Driscoll

Do you want to sell your business soon? Will you need to sell your business soon?
The answer to either question can change very quickly.
So just in case, always run your business to sell!
Preparing your business to sell is not an easy task. You can preserve (or even build) business value by making a few simple tasks the norm in your daily business operations now. Then you’ll be ready for anything!
Maintain excellent corporate hygiene. This is THE most important thing you can do as a business owner. Unfortunately, I’ve met far too many owners who neglect this opportunity to build business value both now and when it’s time to sell the business.
Corporate hygiene has three main components:
1. Clean, accurate financials that tell the true story of the business.
2. Documented processes and procedures that define the “how to” of your operations.
3. Well-defined human resources policies and management.

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